Youth Landscape Evolves

Met Oval confirms the announcement made by US Soccer on, Wednesday, April 15th, that the USSDA Development Boys & Girls Academy has been terminated, effective immediately. 

This announcement from US Soccer was never formally communicated, nor discussed with our Academy club members, and the lack of communication from US Soccer is disappointing. 

Rumors of such an announcement have been circulating through the soccer community in recent days, and in response to these rumors, the Northeast Regions’ DA clubs have been working in tandem on solidifying a unified solution, in anticipation of the recent USSF announcement. 

Met Oval and our neighboring Northeast Region DA clubs have committed to continuing the highest level of youth soccer development, as a group, and in conjunction with DA clubs from around the nation. We plan to continue the 10-month season model as the best-proven method to develop players. 

We applaud the communication, effort, and willingness of the neighboring DA clubs to work together, prepare and provide the best youth developmental environment for the future. 

There are a number of 10-month league solutions at hand, and once the best and final decision is confirmed, we will notify our Met Oval families ASAP. 

These are unprecedented times, and this recent news does not help. We’re kindly asking for your trust and patience, to make the best decision possible for our club members and youth soccer as a whole. 

These decisions should not be rushed or forced. Ultimately, Met Oval in unison with our neighboring DA clubs will make the best decision possible after concluding due diligence on all options. We thank you for your trust and understanding during these difficult times. 

Thank you very much, 

Jeffrey Saunders, Sporting Director 

Metropolitan Oval Foundation 


To showcase our clubs solidarity, the below clubs have agreed to this message: 

Beachside Soccer Club: Mickey Kydes 

Boston Bolts: Marco Koolman 

B.W. Gottschee: Paul McGlynn 

Cedar Stars Bergen: Anthony Nixon 

Empire United: Rory Charcholla 

FC Westchester: Stephen Carson 

Met Oval: Jeffrey Saunders 

New York Soccer Club: Christian Gonzalez 

Oakwood Soccer Club: Rick Derella 

Seacoast United: Peter Decker